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Smart Homes Are The New Standard

Homebuyers today are more connected than ever, which means they expect their homes to feature the latest in automation and control to help maintain their connected lifestyles. When you work with our team of technology professionals during your Luxury Homes Gold Coast builds, you’ll be able to offer intuitive smart home experiences along with your stunning properties, putting your projects ahead of the competition.


We Help You Meet The Demands Of Today’s Buyers

Together From Start To Finish

We work diligently with custom builders every step of the way to ensure proper planning and design, installation and implementation of every home automation system and smart building technology for a strong foundation that allows homeowners ample customization as they desire.


Comfort, Ease And Peace Of Mind In The Palm Of Your Buyer’s Hand

Create A Smart Home Experience

Stand out from the competition by mastering the art of styling, storing and showcasing the latest technologies into your crafted spaces. Our wide offering of custom-tailored solutions ensures you’ll never fail to meet the needs of your desired clientele.


We work with you to strategically organize and install the necessary wiring for lights, home AV, security and more to ensure the optimal placement of every solution for a clean and enhanced design.

Lighting And Shading

Our wired and wireless lighting solutions and window treatments not only enhance the design of any home but also offer one-touch control from the user’s device of choice for personalized scenes.

Distributed Audio Video

Our professional video and sound system installations deliver high-performance multi-room entertainment over one, robust platform so homeowners can effortlessly enjoy their favorite music and video at the touch of a button.

Security And Surveillance

Our robust security solutions enable homeowners to monitor and manage their door locks, gate entries, alarm systems, surveillance cameras and more in real time from any location for ultimate peace of mind.


We Hold The Highest Regard For Quality Throughout Every Project

Unyielding Focus On Quality

You hold high standards for your craft, and so do we. We meet every step of our projects with uncompromising passion, quality and care to not only meet the needs of every client but to prevent miscommunication with our partners, unnecessary project extensions and additional costs.


We Take Pride In Our Unyielding Dedication To Stand As A Leader In Our Field




Broaden Your Skill Set By Mastering The Latest In Smart Home Applications

Manufacturer CEU Courses

Stay up to date on cutting-edge solutions in audio/video, lighting, security, home networking systems and more through ongoing training courses offered by the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Custom Training Programs

Find answers to the unique challenges you may face in your field by attending our tailored training programs that are designed to help you find custom-fit solutions for any project.


Craft Beautiful Experiences with Smarter Solutions